About Blend

Why Blend

Currently, maintaining sustainable project results are becoming increasingly difficult with rising costs and uncertainty in the market today. Covering every cost involved in the production effort is a heavy burden.

This is why blending with a Project Delivery Collaborator is the best approach to improve your outcome. We team with your staff to improve your results during the DD and CD phases, using all our international expertise gained in the last 20 years for developing solutions during the project delivery process through the use of technology

The Blended experience

We are just a few hours from you.

Hiring new staff requires a lot of time and money in training.

All professionals with US AEC market understanding.

Looking to keep your office square footage small while increasing production output

We share the same culture.

Too much work on your plate and not enough people?

Need an expert for your SD, DD adn CD documentation?

Your project budget too tight to perform in-house?

Other reasons to Blend with us

How we Blend

Blending is the best way

to get things done

Our approach is based on applying all our experience and knowledge to be the key ally in the development of architecture projects, saving you time, effort and money. We integrate Project and BIM Management with an intelligent and detail oriented perspective.


About Us

Pablo D. Lempert

Pablo is the Director of Operations at Blend AEC, he leads the production team and manages the projects that go through the company. In 2003 he graduated with a degree in Architecture and in 2020 he was certified as PMP® by the Project Management Institute. His talent has led him to collaborate with major clients, including resorts in Las Vegas, the Caribbean and Dubai. His wide range of experience in large-scale multi-family and hotel projects led him to move to Panama for 7 years, where he managed and coordinated one of the largest architectural projects in Central America.

Michel Hebrant

Michel Hebrant holds a B.A. in Arts and Architecture from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington, Seattle. He has a vast experience in multicultural expositions, which is why he has participated as a speaker at several different meetings. With nearly 25 years of experience bridging relationships globally in real estate, Michel is a Principal at Blend AEC Solutions and serves as our Growth Director.

Martín R. López

Martín is an architect and the Executive Director of Blend AEC. His international career began in 2006 in an architecture studio in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Later he became the Executive Director of Public Buildings of Córdoba City Council for 4 years, at the same time that he began to teach History of Architecture at the local National University. Martín also writes articles on topics that are related to the production of architecture in Latin America and are published in various digital and print media.

Jeffrey Bymaster

Jeff Bymaster has a BA in Architecture from Woodbury University - School of Architecture (Burbank, CA). He also participated in the Study Abroad Program, attending Design and Urban Planning Study Courses in Barcelona, Spain and in Paris, France. As one of the directors of Blend AEC Solutions, his primary responsibility is to develop new business relationships and continue to nurture the existing relationships that we have. Jeff has had a great career path, where he has participated in various projects ranging from small commercial buildings to high-rise towers.